In 2008, I launched verynice as one of the first social enterprises in the design industry.

My role within verynice has evolved over the years as the company has grown. I currently hold the position of Managing Director. My focus at verynice is to drive the overall creative vision for our company, and serve as an advisor for a diverse range of client projects and initiatives.


verynice helps businesses, non-profits, and governments expand their capacity for impact through design-driven innovation. We provide hands-on strategic consulting and design services, facilitate workshop sessions, and publish a variety of open-source design methodologies. With client experience spanning 500+ brands including the American Heart Association, Disney, UNICEF, and Google, our expertise is centered around three key disciplines: Visual Design, Design Strategy, and Design Education. 

In 2008, verynice was established with a bold aspiration: to become known as the most generous design firm in the world. Since then, we’ve realized this goal by building a successful business that was founded on the premise of making design more accessible. In just 10 years, through a range of impact models and initiatives, verynice has provided thousands of organizations, practitioners, and students from 100+ countries with access to over $10,000,000 USD work of discounted or pro-bono services and free downloadable resources.


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