Writing & Speaking

Named one of "Seven Millennials Changing the World" by The Huffington Post, Matthew’s work and ideas have also been published in hundreds of venues including The Guardian, Entrepreneur, CBS, Maxim, Inc, Forbes, and Wired. A frequent keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Matthew has been featured at over 100 events and institutions around the world including AIGA, Art Directors Club, Core77, HOW Design Live, School of Visual Arts, Strelka Institute, TEDxCMU, TEDxJNJ, UCLA, USC, and World Future Society.


Toward a Preemptive Social Enterprise

Matthew is the author of Toward a Preemptive Social Enterprise, a manifesto and collection of essays inspiring a new generation of social entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders to move from a founding principle that is informed by reaction to one that is driven by strategic foresight. "Social entrepreneurship is almost always too late. As practitioners of social enterprise, we hold the assumption that our responsibility is to exclusively act post-crisis in order to gradually chip away at a persistent problem, or to maintain a state of peace. The art of reaction is necessary, but the expectation of post-traumatic innovation as the singular starting point for an entire industry is limiting. What if social enterprise was also responsible for preemption? What if social entrepreneurs were also futurists?"


How to Give Half of Your Work Away for Free

He is also the author of How to Give Half of Your Work Away for Free, a project that has inspired thousands of freelancers and small businesses to integrate responsible pro-bono practices. The book aims to open-source verynice's give-half pro-bono business model, and the toolkit is broken into four primary sections that each aim to represent the inner-working of the model as well as best practices in pro-bono at large. Originally self-published by verynice thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, the book is now in its second edition with over 25,000+ print and online readers spanning 4,200+ cities.


Select Essays, Articles, and Interviews

The following are a selection of articles and interviews written by Matthew on the topics of design, social enterprise, and pro-bono.

  • "The Landscape of Free in Business" (link)
  • Forbes Magazine. "A Step-by-Step Guide to Giving Away Half of Your Work for Free" (link)
  • Forbes Magazine. "Pro Bono Philanthropy: How Giving Half Can Disrupt Nonprofit Economics" (link)
  • Ashoka. "It's Time for Design to Move from Sympathy to Empathy" (link)
  • GOOD Magazine. "Five Reasons to Give Half of Your Work Away for Free" (link)
  • GOOD Magazine. "Philanthropy is Broken. Let's Re-imagine it." (link)
  • Core77. "Designing Disruptive Business Models." (link)
  • Core77. "7 Social Enterprise that are Investing in the Future" (link)
  • Social Earth. "How Shark Tank is Destroying the Potential for Social Enterprise." (link)
  • "Debunking the Myths of Pro-Bono" (link)
  • TEDxCMU. "Reinterpreting the Role of the Designer" (link)
  • TEDxJNJ. "Imagining the Potential of 'Free'" (link)
  • UNICEF. "8 Social Enterprises Disrupting Startup Culture" (link)
  • Association of Professional Futurists. "The Futures of Pro Bono" (link)
  • "The Dehumanization of Entrepreneurship". (MFA Thesis – link)