As a design strategist, Matthew's interests include the study of alternative economies, participatory design, corporate social responsibility, business model design, and strategic foresight. As an artist and poet, Matthew's interests include captioning, social media, constraint, urban environments, and interactive fiction.

verynice is a global design strategy consultancy that gives half of its work away for free to nonprofit organizations. Over the course of his career as a Design-Strategist and Creative Director at verynice, Matthew has lead design and strategy teams to successfully launch hundreds of brands, products, and campaigns across the globe. Notable client work includes Brand Strategy for Immigrant Heritage Month and the Pasadena Museum of California Art; Product Development for Downtown Women's Center and 826 Los Angeles; Campaign Development for the National Resource Defense Council and the Keep A Breast Foundation; Curriculum Design for Fair Trade USA and the City of West Hollywood; Creative Facilitation for Dartmouth University and the Institute for the Future; Service-Design for Disney Imagineering; Value Proposition Design for The American Heart Association; Business-Design for AIGA and Open Architecture Collaborative; Illustration for Red Bull and GOOD Magazine. For professional work, check out verynice's case study page, or request a custom-tailored portfolio by emailing

Models of Impact

Models of Impact is a strategic business-design toolkit and online certification program. Our mission is to promote legacy and entrepreneurship by developing tools and resources that make it easy (and fun!) to design disruptive business models. Our flagship product, the Models of Impact Toolkit, is available in English, Spanish, and Russian. The toolkit's ground-breaking resources and content have been downloaded in 75 countries, and the initiative’s methodologies have been leveraged to generate an estimated 12,000+ business concepts.


An Attempt to Automate Entrepreneurship

An Attempt to Automate Entrepreneurship (occasionally titled "The Emperor's New Post-It") is Matthew's MFA Thesis Project. This year-long research investigation into the potential of automating entrepreneurial practice resulted in a semi-algorithmic approach to generating business concepts. The process lead to the authorship of 1,000 Business Plans - each of which were mailed to the top Venture Capital firms in the world, for their consideration. The project includes a series of workshops, processes for automation, games, and performances.

Dumpster Decipher

Dumpster Decipher is an ongoing social media-based poetry project that attempts to "decipher" street art, graffiti, and tags into found poetry. The work is authored based upon intuition, observation, and humble attempts at handwriting analysis. The daily attempts at urban translation are enjoyed by a dedicated following of over 20,000 readers on Instagram and, so far, the project consists of street photography captured in Barcelona, Moscow, Boulder, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, Boston, and Providence.

Mandolin and Unicycle

Mandolin & Unicycle is a documented attempt to learn two new things from scratch, simultaneously. The project, Matthew's senior project at UCLA, resulted in a publication that documented 10 weeks of failure, and occasional success. "I have always wanted to learn how to ride the unicycle and I have always wanted to learn how to play the mandolin, so I decided to learn how to play the mandolin while riding the unicycle, in 4 weeks. It was not the easiest of tasks, but I kept at it and gave it my all, and now I am a pro... well, sort of..." Watch the video documentation on YouTube.

FUTURETACO Chapbook Series

FUTURETACO is a collection of 8 chapbooks about spontaneity that were authored, designed, and illustrated in collaboration with Eugene-based artist, Dan Ray Everett. In other terms, FUTURETACO is a collection of eight doodle dropping brain fairies swinging and swaying from clouds of cheese and pumpkin seeds spread across sheets of pink foil ripped like gray hair lacing bank statements long overdue from flippy flop floop flipple flap. FUTURE TACO explores stream of consciousness, and the documentation of singular moments within the tick tock of a click clock’s wooden bench stained in ketchup colored newspaper delivered fresh at doorsteps paved in green grass.


Reimagine Riverside

What would it look like if new businesses were launched directly in responses to what people said they needed and wanted? This is what #ReimagineRiverside is trying to imagine. Installed on two giant monitors in Riverside, #ReimagineRiverside is a public art installation that allows residents to tweet suggestions to improve their community. A selection of the tweets were then published for all to see on the jumbo-trons framing the facade of the Culver Center of the Arts, a museum situated across from City Hall as part of the The Digital Mural Project. The video is now in the permanent collection of the Culver Center.


Super Disruptive Innovation

Super Disruptive Innovation is a workshop methodology and hack-a-thon that was held at the Occupy Camps in Downtown Los Angeles. The workshop engages occupiers with a series of worksheets that challenge them to invent a new concept for a product, service, or initiative that has the potential to destroy ("super disrupt") an existing product, service, or initiative. The workshop curriculum was also performed at the Art Director's Club in New York as well as the ArtCenter College of Design.