Models of Impact


Models of Impact is a role-playing and ideation game that simulates the process of launching a social enterprise.

Our ground-breaking resources and content have been leveraged by thousands of educators, practitioners, and students across 100+ countries. As a frequent facilitator of the game, I have personally lead workshops across the United States and internationally in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Estonia, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, and Spain.


Models of Impact is designed for executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, and educators working across the private, social, and public sectors. The game is easy to understand, and is a great tool for introducing teams to a range of innovative business models, inspiring new programs and initiatives within your business or organization, providing a new framework for strategic planning, guiding the process of ideating new products and services, and even just getting your team to think differently. 

After studying thousands of organizations, we learned that the ideal business model is equal parts impact and revenue. An impact model is a sustainable way to create impact in the world, and feel a sense of purpose. A revenue model is a sustainable way to generate income and allow for growth. If a business only has an impact model, they might feel like they are living out their purpose, but that sense of fulfillment will be short-lived due to the necessity of money to sustain an organization. On the other hand, if a business only has a revenue model, they might generate income, but they will have a high chance of experiencing burnout due to a lack of purpose in their day-to-day work. Models of Impact is built upon these observations, empowering players to combine impact and revenue so that they may generate new, sustainable business concepts.


"[Models of Impact] is a goldmine of creative consciousness... a resource that everyone who cares about social impact should appreciate and absorb." – Forbes

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