Impractically, Practical


Impractically, Practical showcases artists and designers that use business as a cultural instigator, raising questions about the potential of transmedia communication to act as a catalyst to influence and initiate change on both global and local levels, through fictional entrepreneurship, and diegetic business.


In the spirit of being "Impractically, Practical," we conceptualized a display format that would take the most practical aspect of an exhibition - name cards - and display them in the most impractical way possible. A grid of exactly 1/2 pound of black yarn was used to suspend the artist names. The show was a great success, with over 200 gallery-goers trickling in throughout the night.

The publication (written by Matthew Manos) features the artists in the show, and aims to theorize and invent two categories of business-design: fictional entrepreneurship and diegetic business, two definitions for tools Matthew is proposing that allow for the use of fiction in business model design to innovate new products and services that help us better understand our present situation through narrative and / or critical dialogue. The printed piece was available at the show, every last quarter-sized booklet taken by attendees.